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Mrs. Asmita Anand 

"Every child is wired and inspired differently"

        We as educators, on entering a diverse class of pupils, hold the responsibility to shoulder not only educational but also the emotional,psychological & many more such needs of children.According to me, Compassing, Character,Critical thinking, Courage and Collaboration - are 5 c's that assist us in achieving what we aim to.

Albert Einstein rightly said, "Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the minds to think".I truly believe that "What we are, teachers the child for to more than what we say. So we must be, what we want our children to become".

      In this journey to enable the children to realise their potential to the fullest, I strongly base my practice on respecting the environment around the child. What one often sees as 'a problem child', I seek to look at the interaction of the child with other systems around him/her - Parents,siblings, neighborhood, relatives, friends, community,etc to understand the influences of such on that child. Looking at a concern form this perspective, in my experience I realise the stressor a child might go through because of multiple things around him/her - broken family, fights at home, absent father owing to army lifestyle, parents expectation and many more. If reasons for child internalising or externalising such stressors is from 'outside' and not from ' within the child', the solution too is sought from collaboration from these systems and not just by reprimanding the child for the action.

       I have respect and immense faith in the strengths of the families children come from. So I move ahead with them -involving them,their feedback and option. My motto, in whatever I intend to do - big or small - is to together build inclusive and emotionally safe ecosystem for our young ones.  

                                                                                                    Mrs. Asmita Anand


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